Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Es una broma, Amadeo": A Tour Across Roberto Bolaño's Narrative

Starting in 2015, I've decided to read the entirety of Bolaño's narrative works: short stories and novels. The reading order for each book is built around the original date of publication. I will read each text in Spanish.

This project is for organizational and pleasure purposes; as such, I plan to read around one Bolaño novel a month at a leisurely pace. Exceptions will be made for Los detectives salvajes (The Savage Detectives), where I will devote two months for it; and 2666, which will take three months. I will move dates as necessary, though, and will do my best to provide an update one month in advance in case of date change.

The list of works is as follows:

January - Consejos de un discípulo de Morrison a un fanático de Joyce (novel, 1984)
February - Monsieur Pan (1984 as La senda de los elefantes) (novel, 1999)
March - La pista de hielo (novel, 1993) 
April - La literatura nazi en América (novel, 1996)
May - Estrella distante (novel, 1996)
June - Llamadas telefónicas (short stories, 1997)
July/August - Los detectives salvajes (novel, 1998)
September - Amuleto (novel, 1999)
October - Nocturno de Chile (novel, 2000)
November - Putas asesinas (short stories, 2001)
December - Amberes (novel, 2002)

January - Una novelita lumpen (novel, 2002)
February - El gaucho insufrible (short stories, 2003)
March-August* - 2666 (novel, 2004)
September - El secreto del mal (short stories, 2007)
October - El Tercer Reich (novel, 2010)
November - Los sinsabores del verdadero policía (novel, 2011)
December - El espíritu de la ciencia-ficción (novel, 2016)

If I'm missing anything, please let me know and I'll update accordingly!